Douglas Holt of TDS & The Lotter Group Finds New Broker/Dealer

Looks like Mr. Holt found a home, Lighthouse Capital Corporation.

I don't know much about this company other than they are small, though I did come across some weird connections on google, you can review and decide.

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Diversified Lending Group, Inc., et al., United States District Court for the Central District of California, Civil Action No. 2:09-cv-01533-R-JTL

Lighthouse was mentioned in this Dow Jones article as having some connections to Diversified Lending Group, though it is unclear if there are any regulatory issues stemming from this apparent scam.

This seems to me an interesting place for the Lotter Group and Holt to land (assuming the group went with him). The question becomes whether all that 457 money was bulk transferred from his previous broker/dealer to this new one.

Were the school districts affected notified of this? Seems like pertinent information to me.