Everything Wrong With 403(b) Markets In One Slimy Vimeo Video

I subscribe to Google Alerts and recently I was alerted to a Craigslist ad that was recruiting people to sell commission based index annuities to unsuspecting teachers in Chicago.

I clicked on the link and then found a video.

It's a bit long, but gives you some insight into the thinking and compensation and marketing practices of these sales agents. No mention of doing real financial planning or teaching people to do real financial planning.

It's everything that is wrong with this industry in one video.

2015-12-23 11.22 Webinar Now from Chris Reid on Vimeo. It's time these practices were stopped. These people are not fiduciaries, they do not have educators best interest in mind. Nor are they qualified to provide competent financial planning (as demonstrated by a lack of credentials).
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