Insurance Lead Program attempts to "Plant Thoughts"

Here are a few highlights:

Join Dean Cipriano, President of Insurance Selling Systems, as he reveals his cutting-edge subconscious selling techniques that some experts have said are too powerful, too persuasive, and should be banned.
We weren't sure that we should even have this free telephone seminar because of the controversy surrounding the topic. You see, there is an underground selling technique that is so powerful that, if used improperly, can be used to influence someone against their will. Traditional sales trainers don’t teach it because most of them are unaware that it exists.

But we decided to have the call because our goal is to help you gain every advantage possible…and the simple yet powerful breakthrough sales techniques you'll discover will not only give you a HUGE advantage, but will help you close sales faster, and dramatically increase your commissions.

On this 70-minute call, you will discover:
How to plant thoughts in your prospect's mind!
Instantly know what your prospect is thinking!
Compel prospects to agree with you and say "yes!"
Discover one simple phrase that melts away prospect resistance!
Develop rapport with anyone in 4 minutes or less! Even in your marketing message.
Five easy steps to skyrocketing your sales!
How to subconsciously influence your prospects!
How to get qualified leads to respond to your advertisements as if they were in a hypnotic trance.
Why you should never disqualify people before using this simple technique... (You are losing a lot of sales if you don't do this.)
How to become a sales superstar who earns huge commissions with literally no extra work or effort!
If any of this sounds interesting to you... you OWE it to yourself to attend this upcoming free teleseminar, where I'm going to reveal every mind boggling secret about my little known, but amazing lead methods and hypnotic sales techniques that will Explode Your Commissions like a fireworks display on the fourth of July!

During This Eye-Opening Teleseminar You're Going To Be Exposed To The Most Electrifying Lead Techniques And Astonishing Selling Methods Ever Created!

Do these guys sound like Fiduciaries?

What a farce.

Scott Dauenhauer CFP, MSFP, AIF