Kiplingers: I Teach Teachers How To Invest Better

403bwise creator and author of two books on financial planning for educators (including the latest, Teach and Retire Rich) Dan Otter is featured in December's publication of Kiplingers magazine. For those of you who have never met Dan Otter the above link will take you to his ugly mug (Ok, he's not that ugly, but you didn't hear it from me)!

The article is about how Dan got into educating teachers on how better to invest. Recently Dan gave a presentation based on his book Teach and Retire Rich in San Diego to a crowd of over 100 educators and it was clear that they were Wowed. The crowd had never before heard the things Dan was saying and they came away with a sense of determination to improve their financial situation. They also bought a lot of Dan's latest book which is the most excellent piece of literature ever written for educators on the topic of finance, you can pick it up at or his other website I do not get any kickbacks from the sale of his books.

Dan and I collobarated on the first book, The 403(b) Wise Guide which has become THE book on 403(b) plans - though it is now out of print (though it may make a comeback once the final 403(b) regulations are published).

It's been five years since the 403(b) Wise revolution got started and a lot has changed, but as they say, you ain't seen nothing yet!

By the way, the "financial planner" mentioned in the article is me! Thanks Dan.

Educators and School Employees - if you want to learn how better to plan for your financial future you need to read Teach and Retire Rich.

Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MSFP