LSW, Veritrust & Equita Under Investigation

A California insurance investigator, Mark Colbert is investigating Life Insurance of the Southwest, Veritrust Financial and Equita Financial.

From Mark's website:

In California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and Nevada, agents who've sold life insurance policies, annuities and/or 403(b) products for The Life Insurance Company of the Southwest (LSW), Equita Financial Group, and/or Veritrust Financial Services (VFS) are currently being investigated.

Insurance victims have claimed agents promised that life insurance policies (also referred to as Life Solutions will be "paid-up" in as few as five to seven years and work just like a ROTH IRA.

If you, or someone you know, owns a Life Solutions plan, you/they are encouraged to have an insurance or financial professional (other than someone at one of the companies named above) review it. I have already seen nearly a hundred of these cases in California and Texas and would be happy to speak with anyone who currently owns one of these policies.

You can contact Mark at

Scott Dauenhauer