Maui, Cabo or Sicily...Choose Your Annuity Incentive!

Ever wonder what's behind those annuity recommendations? Here's a taste.

I've posted a few of the potential trips that annuity producers can take this year and next for selling fixed annuities.

Do you want to goto Maui? Just sell $3.5 million in annuity premium and you'll get a stay at the Ritz-Carlton! Even better, if you sell enough you could take a trip across to the next island, Lanai for three more days. Here is a video from American Equity about what an agent can expect.

You can also check out their website:

Perhaps Maui and Lanai are to far away, maybe you'd like something similar, but a little closer to home and with an advantageous exchange rate. Los Cabos, Mexico is behind door number 2! Amernican National will send you and a guest to The One and Only Pamilla resort.
2017 Cabos Conference
Perhaps beach destinations aren't up your ally. Maybe you want a little more culture. After all, whenever one things of an annuity salesperson they think "cultured"! Well, LSW (National Life Group) has all the culture you can handle with a trip to Sicily.NLG Sicily Chairman's Club 2016 Qualification Flyer Next time someone is pitching you an annuity, ask them about their compensation and what trips it might qualify them for (then watch their face turn white). This shit needs to stop.

These companies must be good because they have America or National in there name...good grief.

Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MPAS, AIF