Monday January 31, 2005

The Teachers Advocate Blog Returns.....

It's been almost 8 months since my last post to this blog, which means that people have probably stopped checking it. I am now attempting to revive it. My absence has been because I have been incredibly busy with my business. Things haven't slowed down for me, I am more busy now that last month, but I figured that this blog is important enough to fit in. I am also maintaining a blog for my company (and it's clients) at The Meridian will cover more general topics in personal finance as well as current events. This blog is more designed for educators.

A wonderful story was written yesterday by the San Diego Union Tribune. David Washburn, a reporter at the paper spent months tracking and writing this story and it paid off big time. The title of the story is "Teachers get Harsh Lesson on Investing" and you can find it at the following link - The crux of the article is that teachers, in general are getting screwed. They are getting screwed by the district, the agents peddling poor products, the companies distributing to the agents, and themselves. Teachers need to take a more active role because it appears nobody else will do it for them, the article gives them a few tools. Another exciting thing about this article is that it wasn't just on the front page of the business section, it was on the front page of the Newspaper, above the fold - right next to a story on the Iraqi Elections..... I believe this is the most prominently published piece ever done on 403(b) plans.

I am very proud that my name appeard 8 times in the article....thanks Dave! But I am more proud of the educators who were willing to share their stories. It was also great to see 403(b) patriot Barbara Healy with some great quotes and insights. Finally, Dan Otter and his website were prominently featured as well, along with

In the coming days, weeks, & months I will begin blogging on a very important and upcoming issue that will affect our future educators - the Termination of CalSTRS. The Terminator (Governator) has set his target on public employee pension plans and promises to take this fight to the people. I will attempt to provide good, clean coverage of what issues are involved and whether it is a good or bad idea. Your thoughts are always welcome.

Unitll next time............