Monday March 29, 2004

Envoy Plan Services Bought By Keenan & Associates

Envoy Plan Services will officially be owned by Keenan & Associates beginning April 1st (this is not an April Fools Joke). Envoy has entered into an agreement to be purchased by Keenan and has already moved it's operations to the Keenan office in San Clemente. The move should not affect operations and should be a good fit for Keenan. Robert Hornaday wills stay with company and become a Sr. Vice President at Keenan.

Recent developments have put the kibosh on the method Envoy was charging for its services. Envoy now earns it's revenue via fees charged to the districts it serves, a welcome development (more on this in the next Teachers Advocate). I will keep you updated as to how things will change and how they will affect you.

Till next time.....