Monday October 13, 2003

Envoy Attempts To Slide Into San Diego at The Last Minute......

I was up till midnight last night reading the agenda for the Board meeting tomorrow of the San Diego City Schools, I was looking specifically to see if Envoy Plan Services was on the agenda for approval - they were not, at least that was what I thought. It turns out they have now been added at the last minute. This is what I expected, they want to get this through without opposition and the best way to do it is to not let anyone know it will be voted on.

I just found out about it and have just finished reading a statement by Gamy Rayburn and Scott Patterson, the Director of Accounting Operations and Chief Financial Officer, respectively. The document was not written (in my opinion) by either of them, it was in fact written by Robert Hornaday of Envoy Plan Services. The document is meant to be misleading and contains many inaccuracies. This report will be presented to the board as the truth (regardless of what the truth really is). The document admits that it never seeked out a competitive bid and cites Capistrano School District as one if its "happy" districts - not true.

I will keep you updated - for those in San Diego - goto the board meeting and let your voice be heard.