National 403(b) Day is Here! Sign Up, Save & Savor Retirement

The 401(k) has its day (and ironically it's April Fools, I think we all know who the joke is on), but the 403(b) has never enjoyed its own day. That changes today.

I declare April 3rd to be National 403(b) Day.

While I have no events other than a blog post later, my goal is to build 403(b) Day each year and use it to promote defined contribution plans for government school employees.

Specifically we will focus on the 403(b), but promoting the 457(b) (which will sadly never have it's own day in the calendar) will also be a tenet.

If you don't have a 403(b) and you are a school employee, I encourage you to sign up today. If you have a 403(b), use today to increase your contributions and check your asset allocation, if you are retired with a 403(b) encourage someone who is just starting in the profession to start one.

Today is a day to focus on the positive aspects of the 403(b), there will be plenty of time to advocate to make it better.

If you are a school employer, a 403(b) Compliance TPA, an RIA or IAR, a company that offers great 403(b) me and let's spend the next year making the second Annual National 403(b) Day a success.

If you don't know what a 403(b) is, there is only one place to learn about it - Dan Otter's 403bWise website.

Sign up for a 403(b), Save in a 403(b) and Savor the great Retirement decisions you've just made.

Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MSFP, AIF