No Losses For Orange County School Districts

After speaking with the President of Envoy Plan Services I have been assured that no Orange County School Districts (or any Envoy school districts) have been harmed or lossed money due to Envoy's sub-contractors legal problems and allegations of theft. Envoy stopped using Plan Compliance Group in October after running the September payroll.

Plan Compliance Group allegedly stole or misappropriated nearly $3 million from school districts as it acted as a conduit from the districts to 403(b) vendors. The alleged theft took place in September. I will be providing a full report soon on what has taken place.

It is clear that school districts going forward are going to need to put better safe guards in place to ensure the employee's money is not lost due to bad Third Party Administrators. Plan Compliance Group is the third TPA to be accused of theft in the last year.

To be clear - Envoy Plan Services no longer uses Plan Compliance Group for Common Remitting though will continue to use Plan Compliance Group for compliance functions and number crunching through the end of this month. PCG will not have any control of Envoy School Districts money and Envoy is not cited or alleged to have done anything wrong.

More on this too come.

Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MSFP