Sunday September 07, 2003

The Inquiry

I confronted Envoy's owner on Friday about an agreement I found out about that basically proves breach of fiduciary responsibility and poor ethics. I won't detail the agreement here yet, but perhaps in the future. After confronting Envoy via e-mail I did not recieve a response. Today I recieved a fax from the attorneys of one of the companies involved in the deal asking how I obtained the agreement. I am sure Envoy was piping mad and called over to the company to ask what the hell happened!

I actually like the company that Envoy is dealing with, though the agreement they had with Envoy makes me a little suspicious of their ethics. This company provides a very good product at a pretty reasonabe price. I haven't found another company that compares.

I recieved an e-mail from my media contact in San Diego and it appears we might have a story. She is interested in the story, though time is a factor. We are not sure when we can run it. We may run the story after the Tuesday board meeting - it all depends.

It makes me nervous any time lawyers get involved into a situation - though I am confident that my views, beliefs, and opinions are backed up with facts. If I am successful in getting rid of Envoy in San Diego (a big if) then I will have a big target on my back. I am not against Envoy, I think they will provide a fine service, I am against the way they charge their fees - it is not right. I have questions about their ethics as well and the many conflicts of interests that currently exist. I think it is a bad situation.

On a personal note - we lost the rental we were looking at getting into today. We think we have found a better one though, we will look at it tomorrow. We put out house on the market about 3 weeks ago because we felt the real estate market was getting overvalued - we sold it in three weeks and are hoping to close escrow soon. We are looking forward to renting for awhile and having a big yard for our son to run around in!

Anyway, it is late and I need my sleep - Sunday is my moring to get up with the kid!!!