Swindler gets 9 years in prison for scamming Danville neighbors

Swindler gets 9 years in prison for scamming Danville neighbors

Bill Reimers, the now infamous con artist who ran Plan Compliance Group and a few investment advisory services is going to jail, though not until January.

Why this creep gets to spend Christmas outside of a jail cell and with his family is beyond me. Why he only gets nine years is also beyond me. This is a guy who stole millions of dollars from everyday people - people who couldn't afford to be swindled, many of which won't be able to live anything close to a retirement as they had once imagined.

I personally know some of the victims and it really makes me irate. I hope God will forgive him, I don't think many of his victims will.

The question remains whether crime actually pays - how many of you really believe he'll serve nine years? He'll be out probably within five and perhaps some of the money that he stole still hasn't been accounted for - who knows where it all went.

I for one would like to know the full story, perhaps Reimers can write a book while in prison - maybe even sell a few copies and provide a little restitution to those people he hurt so badly.

For now we will close this book and move on, learning a little something that will hopefully allow others not to be taken for a ride.

Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MSFP, AIF