Tax Deferred Services Sues Former Affiliates

So I was checking to see if Tax Deferred Services had filed any lawsuits lately (Bob Lotter threatened to sue me several times on a phone call a few weeks ago and you might say I'm a bit paranoid, he's the new money man behind TDS).

Guess what I found, TDS made good on their promise to sue their former reps. You can track it by clicking the link below and entering the case number below. I've embedded the documents that have been posted so far, there is a hearing scheduled September 15th.

Some interesting things to note is that National Benefit Services is somehow involved in this whole mess, though its unclear to exactly what extent. It appears Great American Plan Administrators and NBS along with an unnamed Florida TPA were all trying to get the business from the reps who used to work with TDS.

The first doc is just the complaint and should load quicker, the second doc is all the filings thus far and is about 221 pages, so give it some time.

I'm not done reading the documents, but will certainly be updating you on what I find.

Case Lookup

Insert 34-2009-00055591 to bring up the case documents

TDS Compalint
Tax Deferred Services Lawsuit

Scott Dauenhauer CFP, MSFP, AIF