Tuesday September 23, 2003

Envoy Issued Pulled From San Diego City Schools Board Meeting - Will It reappear?

The San Diego City School board pulled the ratificiation of the Envoy Plan Services Contract from the board agenda today. I have heard that the issue has been pulled indefinetly from one source and from another source that the issue will be back on the Agenda for the next board meeting in two weeks. Which is true is anybody's guess, but I would lean toward the latter - Envoy will be back. The contract is probably worth about $600,000 and I don't see Envoy walking away without a fight regardless of if they are doing the wrong thing for teachers. I urge you to goto my website at www.403bretire.com and download the list of board members and let them know you oppose Envoy Plan Services.

Envoy To Chicken To Talk On Camera....

It appears Envoy doesn't want to talk about their services on the record in regards to their plans for San Diego City Schools. When approaced by a local news TV station they declined to give an interview. It appears they found out that I was also interviewed on the issue and they knew the truth would be told about them. The last thing Envoy wants is the truth to be told about what they are trying to do. The TV station killed the segment - but you never know, they may bring it back.

Major Spam

Ever since my talk at the San Diego City Schools board meeting two weeks ago I have been receiving an inordinate amount of spam. Sometimes up to 100 spam e-mails a day. I must have really pissed someone off that day - who on earth would do that to me?