Wednesday October 15, 2003

Envoy Swings and Misses Again in San Diego

Envoy Plan Services was added to the San Diego City Schools Board Meeting Agenda late Monday afternoon, no doubt in attempt to squelch any opposition. I am happy to report that once again Envoy was shut down. The CSEA (Classified School Employees Association) led the charge along with a six page letter from myself. The CSEA was also joined by the SDEA, MetLife, and a representative from LPL. This group of people put forth a unified message that appeared to convince the Board to vote against the issue, a vote never happened as the issue was instead tabled. You can read all about the situation here on the blogger and on my website at San Diego has made an extremely wise decision and it is my hope that they not bring up the Envoy issue again. I will post my rebuttal letter on the website shortly. This is a victory for the 6,000 participants in San Diego as well as the employees who are not yet contributing to a 403(b) plan. Please join me in thanking those people who spoke at the meeting and defeated Envoy.