What Happened to TDS's Doug Holt?

I heard a rumor that Doug Holt of TDS is no longer with TDS, as of yesterday. I don't usually report rumors, only things that I can substantiate. I decided to check out his FINRA status on BrokerCheck and sure enough, he is no longer registered and it shows "Termination", though it doesn't state why. I should note that this termination is from Questar, his broker-dealer, so I can't say for sure that he is not with TDS. I'm awaiting an e-mail reply from TDS.

Update: Latest sources tell me Doug hasn't been terminated from TDS, only Questar (his Broker/Dealer). I wonder who the new broker will be on all those 457(b) accounts.

By the way, this is a tad strange as usually you can transfer to a new broker/dealer, there must have been some reason he didn't, we should find out soon.

10/30/2009 Update:

According to FINRA Holt was discharged by Questar on September 14, 2009 for the following reason:

"Registrant was terminated after internal review evidenced failure to provide prompt written notice and obtain written approval to participate in a private securities transaction and used unapproved marketing material."

I have given TDS a chance to respond to this, they have thus far refused.

Scott Dauenhauer