Where Your LSW Agent Might Be Traveling After Selling You An Annuity

Have you been sold an indexed annuity from an agent appointed with Life Insurance of the Southwest (National Life Group)? You may have inadvertently contributed to their vacation plans.

For some reason, it's still legal for insurance companies to reward their producers with amazing trips to places all over the world if they sell enough of the insurance company's products.

In 2019, agents have already been to Kauai (staying at the Grand Hyatt), and are headed for wine tasting in Napa this fall. In 2020 they'll be heading for Palm Beach as an appetizer and the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo for the full course.

Next time you meet with someone calling themselves an advisor and they pull out paperwork for LSW products you should rejoice. You've found an 'advisor' that you should NEVER use. Don't forget to tell your friends and colleagues to stay as far away from this conflicted company and their agents as possible.
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