Why Schools Lack Low Cost Investment Options

Written by an individual who is an educator, attorney, and a financial planner....

The paper is rather bland at the beginning as it gives an overview and history of the 403(b)(it is supposed to be an academic paper!), however it does make some good points toward the end and is a great educational piece.

The call for school districts to start suing unions is a bit over the top - instead of suing each other, the two should be working in concert to promote good savings options and education, however that doesn't always happen.

The writer makes a good arguement, one that I've been making for awhile that school district benefit when employees save money into their 403(b) and they benefit even more if employees save money in reasonably priced 403(b) accounts. Employees who have saved money other than in their pension will feel more secure and are more likely to leave teaching earlier - which creates openings for newer teachers at lower salaries - which helps with the school budget long term. School districts would be wise to begin looking at the 403(b) as an important benefit for both the employee AND the school district.

Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MSFP, AIF